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PA Fishing Line Extrusion Line

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This machine is very good performance at tenacity, make nylon filament up to 8-10g/d. The monofilament is used mostly as fishing line manufacture.

PA fishing line extrusion line

PA Fishing Line Extrusion Line

1) Machine with automatic-control system, gear drive, auto-loader etc

2) Automatic controlling system, the entire production line adopts new control system, delta frequency and advanced PLC, more stable and high efficiency.

3) Single screw extruder: Screw adopts Nitriding process , could bear high temperature, more durable, and good plasticizing quality. Machine with pressure sensor and metering pump to control the pressure and the flow. It's convenient to change different spinneret size to make different dia. of yarn.

4) Cooling system: steady temperature ensure the twine soft and shiny with good feature.

5) No.1 and No.2 stretching: ss material is to make the yarn good stretching, steady speed

6) Heating system: half of heating tube will stop after temperature getting to the settled data, this could reduce the cost , low consumption.

7) Winder has separate motor to control each winding head, there exist several kinds of winding type.

1. Reasonable design, stable quality, with 40 years of manufacture experience keeping optimization and improvement.
2. High efficient, low consumption, create better economical benefit.
3. Produced yarn with evenness size high tenacity.
4. To optimize design of man-machine engineering, centralized control, PLC&touch screen, easy operation.
5. Inspection and testing machine before delivery, assemble and put into production immediately at customer's workshop.
6. Give comprehensive technical service after machine delivery.


Machine ModelScrew DiameterMachine CapacityMain PowerWinder Numbers
JM3535mm550kg/24hr50kwAccording to the yarn diameter and capacity

Production Process:

automatic loading hopper --> extrusion part --> cooling water tank --> No.1 drawing roller --> hot water tank --> No.2 drawing roller --> ( hot air oven+ No.3 drawing roller) --> auto winder

PA Monofilament Application:

PA fishing line extrusion line is mainly used for producing PA6/PA66/Nylon monofilament for fishing line.

PA Fishing Line Extrusion Line


1. What's the model you have ?

Here are 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 65mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm for your choice.

2. For making fishing line, will you have same design of machine ?

NO, base on different final products , the design exist difference, multi heating oven design produce high quality fishing line products.

3. Whats' the yarn size can do ?

The minimun we can do 0.06mm for eye mascara brush, and for some products like brush , we can do 2-3mm

4. What's the winding type you have?

As customer's request we have different design for different design for winder. For nylon trimmer line with special winder design big capacity of 50-100kgs. Fishing line winder for hank package.

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After-Sales Service

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* We will provide the technical know-how for your operation smooth transition and support for installing, debugging, operation of the machine, it will indicate you how to use this machine well.

* Provide free upgrades and maintenance for software system within warranty period.

* Provide preferential lifetime maintenance of all equipment, spare parts are charged according to the prevailing market price after warranty period.

* With online device ,our team is 24hr at your service.


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