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Why the monofilament machine screw abrasion

Mar. 11, 2022

Why the monofilament machine screw abrasion  

1, Each plastic has an ideal plasticizing temperature processing range, should control the drawing machine barrel processing temperature, so that it is close to this temperature range, melting uneven, it is easy to cause the inner wall of the barrel and screw surface wear.  

2, The speed should be adjusted properly, because part of the plastic with an enhancer, such as minerals or other filling materials.  These substances tend to rub against metal materials much more than plastic.  So the speed should not be directly too high  

3 Filling materials such as calcium carbonate and glass fiber can speed up the wear of screw and barrel  

4. Because the material is not plasticized evenly, or there is a metal foreign matter mixed with the material, the screw rotation torque force suddenly increases abnormally, this torque exceeds the limit of the strength of the screw, making the screw twisted off, which is a kind of unconventional accident damage.  


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